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A whole new life
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Day 281

WEEK 41. Time is flying by. When you record your days for an entire year, it’s crazy how fast it goes. I can’t believe I have been in this for 281 days. I love knowing that I have been committed and working hard for all these day straight but on the other hand to look back and think how fast it went kind of makes me sad. About a year ago I couldn’t have imagined myself doing the things I am doing now. Running, lifting, boxing, NEVER. Now, it’s a whole new life. Now I can’t imagine NOT doing it. The one thing that has changed is my day in and day out life. I used to see my parents more…like stopping by or going for a quick bite to eat. That never happens now. That makes me sad; I will have to find a balance. I usually go to work, come home, got to gym, come home, and eat then bed. That is my life. It makes the days go so fast. Monday is Javi day. I missed Friday and I didn’t work out this weekend so I know it’s going to be a good one. We do delts and arms. After the weight training I move on to the Stairmaster and finish my work out strong. I come home to grilled chicken breasts, peppers and salad.

Day 282

It’s just straight cardio today. I push it today and do 5.5 miles. I leave dripping with sweat and know that I accomplished what I wanted. It’s just Mitch and I for dinner. I decide to make it easy for me and order out. I order Mitch Wingstop (his favorite) and I order a burrito bowl from Chipotle for me. I knew it would be two full meals for me, they are huge! I get home and they filled it with RICE. NOPE, can’t have it. I’m so bummed.  I end up with leftover chicken and toss a quick salad. Mike will be happy tomorrow with the bowl!

Day 283

I meet Javi and its chest and back today. I surprise myself with the weight he gives me to lift. I don’t say the dreaded words (C A N T) but it certainly crossed my mind that I might not be able to lift it  — nope, not the case. I do it and make myself and Javi proud! We do a total of 5 different activities and finish strong with pull ups and planks. Whew! I jump on machines to finish with a half hour of cardio. Tonight we barbecue pork chops and cauliflower and salad. YUM, it was so good. The best is we ate early so I had all night to burn it off before bed! Today I did some calculations for my weight. There is an app that will provide you all the details of your weight loss goals.  I plugged in 40 pounds (that’s what I have left to lose) and what I eat and what kind of exercise I do and it said I will hit my goal on May 9, 2016. That is if I eat 1950 calories a day and continue with my current exercise. I CAN DO IT! For fun I put in my original weight and it calculated for me to hit my goal after on March 3, 2017……so I am WAY AHEAD of schedule, lol! I will just keep plugging along and doing my thing. Trying not to get discouraged. At least I have more than 6o pounds off my body…

Day 284

Today I arrive at the gym late. Mitch had his senior pictures taken this afternoon. UGH, can’t believe it. I am doing a little of everything today. Mainly because I am on my own for the rest of the week. Javi is taking a much deserved day off tomorrow so I will need to come up with my own work out. Today I do lunges, lunges with weights, jump squats and core, and finish with cardio. Mike and I cook a great dinner of grilled chicken breast, broccoli and salad.

Day 285

Its Friday, no Javi, so I do it myself. I bring Mitch for “help”. Together we run side by side (he blows me away at 8.5 mph) but I outlast him. He moves on to weights and I keep going. After completing three miles I hit the floor for some rubber band workouts (yes, they hurt too and I prove that to Mitch). I finish on the mat with all abs. Good workout! We race home, shower and get ready for dinner with my parents and sister and brother in law. My mom picked HOOTERS —YUM, it was awesome. We had boneless wings (I only had 5, I wanted 50….) and then a wedge salad. SO GOOD!

Day 286

TODAY IS GAME DAY…USC vs CAL. I’m excited for the entire day. We pick up breakfast burritos to take with us and we arrive in Berkeley by 9 a.m. We tailgate on the top of a parking garage overlooking the beautiful Bay Area. Sunny, warm and you could see forever! The game was SO MUCH FUN. I again wanted to splurge with nachos and junk food but instead I brought carrots and nuts and water. I was a good girl…until AFTER the game. Since it was my daughters’ boyfriends first time in the area, of course we had to take him to Fenton’s, right? We did it right. Started with a late lunch of crab salad and French dips (I was good, took half home), and finished with HUGE ice cream sundaes. OH was it worth it. Mike and I split one and the kids split one. WE were stuffed!

Day 287

With the time change we were up early and made a good breakfast of turkey bacon and eggs. I did a few things around the house and then went grocery shopping for the week. Bought all my salads, fruits, vegetables and lean meats for the week. Came home, put it away, made my breakfast fit-bits for the week and then went to the movies with my sister.  Came home and headed straight to the gym. Put in a hard 55 minutes of both cardio and core. I started a month long challenge with my girls, my sister and my niece. Every day we are going to do three different exercises that focus on the body. Today was sit ups, squats and bicycle crunches. Every day the reps increase and they get harder. By the end of the month I should have “the butt of steal”— let’s hope! I’m excited because tomorrow I do another day of boxing with Javi — it’s so fun!!!