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Double day at CORE is his favorite kind of day
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Joshua Messersmith has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CORE Athletic Performance and CalFit Manteca. Messersmith is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of his fitness journey. These are his thoughts and feelings shared with you.

Day 127

Happy Memorial Day! But no rest day for me, I still had to work. Bonus with that it’s a holiday which means cha-ching! My first half of the day was spent at work then after work I had the option to relax for once. So I took a day off from the gym to relax and get ready to hit the gym hard the next 4 days. Even though I did not hit the gym I still hit all my macros for the day.

Day 128

It is my Friday and I am actually going to take advantage to take my 2 days off. After work I went home to get a little cat nap in before taking my sister and fiancé to CORE to get our workouts in. When I woke up I saw text from each saying that they were busy and could not make the gym. So I decided to leave immediately so I could get my workout in. Another back day followed by some treadmill work for the day.

Day 129

Today’s goal is to catch up on all my workouts for the week. I started my day off at CORE with another tough bootcamp developed by Robert. I was challenged the whole time and felt like I was a little weak throughout the workout but loved how it pushed me. I then went home to get a little rest before doing some house work, running errands and then picking up my sister to go back to CORE for round 2. It was an all chest day for me and another great one that made it hard for me to move.

Day 130

An amazing day because I actually did not pick up an extra shift at work and am using the day for myself. That means another double day at CORE!! My favorite kind of day. I started my day off at CORE as usual but Robert threw in a little twist and had me do speed latter drills with him instead of doing a leg workout. It was fun and challenging. It made me feel like an athlete again and made me push my body in new ways. Also having Robert chasing me down saying I owe him a burpee for each box left if he got me had me motivated to keep moving. After the latter work I had to go get my sister as soon as possible since I went a little longer at the gym than usual. I then relaxed at my grandparents for a little while before going back to CORE with my sister. That is when I got my leg work in and it had my legs weak at the end. I then ended my day with doing some meal prep for the week ahead.

Day 131

After a good night’s rest I got an early start and went to 24 to get in a shoulder, bicep and tricep day. I got it in quick but still had my arms heavy enough to where I could barely lift them. I then took off to CORE to play Frisbee. The game was also a great workout and had we working hard, getting in some fun cardio. After the game I went home to get ready for work where once again I spent my Friday night.

Day 132

Well a quick turnaround — back to work I go. The 16 hour day went by slow and now I am ready to just sleep and hope my Sunday goes by quickly.

Day 133

I spent most my morning sleeping until I went to get lunch with my fiancé and then had to get ready to go to work where I ended my day.