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No quick fixes
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EDITOR’S NOTE: Jeanette Balmut has been selected to participate in the Year of You, a fitness challenge hosted by The Manteca Bulletin, CalFit Manteca and CORE Athletic Performance. Balmut is keeping a weekly journal, highlighting the strides and struggles of her fitness journey.

Day 323  
Week 47…the final six week countdown has begun.  This is when the real challenge begins.  The last stretch always seems to be the toughest, right?  I’m not going to allow that to happen.  I am going to stay focused, stay on track, stay determined and most of all stay in this for the long haul.  I want these last six weeks to be the best yet.  I really want to get into the 180s — even if its 189 — that would be awesome.  I really want to be prepared and ready to run my 15K race and be able to complete it with energy to spare.  I really want my pant size to drop ONE more size. I’m not asking too much, right?  After all, when the calculations were put in, it stating my goal would be obtained in June 2016.  So how I see it, I’m still on target!
I get to the gym for my Monday workout with Javi.  I have a school site council meeting at 5:00 so that means I have to do my cardio before my workout with Javi.  I do a two mile run and then start on my weight training.  Today is back and core day.  We do weights, and dips and pulls and rowing.  As always it was tough but felt great when it was over!
After the meeting I swung by and picked up Luu’s chicken bowl.  Chicken and steamed veggies.  Perfect!

Day 324 
I race off to the gym after spending two hours in the dentist chair.  I knew a good cardio would make me feel better.  I plugged in my phone, turned on a movie and went to work.  I did a level 10 incline and a level eight speed.  I went a little over six miles and finished in 66 minutes.  Sweaty of course!

Day 325 
Today is training day.  Before I even get there I know he’s going to have me do a circuit.  It seems he puts me through circuit hell once a week so I am guessing it’s going to be today! Nope, I was wrong.  It was “strength day”.  That means heavy weights and lots of them.  I did everything Javi asks of me and was cringing by the time it was over! 
We grilled some chicken, roasted some veggies and tossed a salad.

Day 326 
Today I rush home from work and race to the gym.  I have so much to do but I want to get in my hard cardio first.  I jump on the Stairmaster and do 25 minutes then over to the elliptical for five miles and finish off the last 20 minutes on the treadmill.  It was a good day at the gym!
I get home and we make a good dinner…it’s always the same….Lean meat, veggies and a salad.
People ask me all the time…is it what I eat or how I work out that has gotten me to this point.  It’s definitely BOTH.  I always stay under 1,900 calories a day and as you know I always work out.  I rarely miss.  I don’t think I could have accomplished this by just eating right.  The working out is a necessity.  And remember….there are no QUICK FIXES.  Everything takes time and hard work.  My mom used to say it took 25 years to put it on, it’s going to take more than a year to get it off!

Day 327 
I have a half day of work and then a little Christmas shopping, home to wrap and work around the house and then finish the day with a great work out with Javi.
While out Christmas shopping I thought I might try the next size DOWN for me.  My size 14’s are getting a little saggy and loose….so I attempt a size 12.  Low and behold….they fit.  I actually took five pairs of 12s in the dressing room, hoping ONE would fit…..and THEY ALL FIT.  Oh my gosh….I wanted to scream and shout and tell the world (I posted on Facebook, so I pretty much did) but I didn’t want to scare everyone in the store!
I seriously can’t tell you how excited I am about reaching this size.  Going from a size 22….I even had a few size 24s….and then getting to a “normal” size 12 is the best feeling.  People ask me all the time what my “goal” size is and I guess I would have to say size 10.  I will never be a “small” girl…I am tall and curvy with a big butt and wide hips, so even a size 10 is “tiny” for me.  When I started this I wanted to be what I was on my wedding day.  That was 156 pounds and a size 10.  Honestly when I said that last January….it was really just words coming out of my mouth, I don’t think I really meant it or thought it was possibly.  Now, it’s within reach!
The night ended great.  Good workout with Javi, we did bi’s and tri’s and I finished with a one mile speed run on the treadmill. 
Since it was just me for dinner I went to El Pollo Loco and ordered an “less than 500 calorie bowl” and had them leave off the rice, so even less calories.  It hit the spot.  Broccoli, black beans, chicken, avocado and I had them add lettuce.  YUM! 

Day 328 
I was up early and at the gym by 7:30 a.m.  I originally had stuff planned in my head for my work out but when I got to the gym ESPN was on (I was warming up on the treadmill and plugged into the TV) and it had all the Heisman candidate stories and I just got hooked.  They are all so inspirational.  I never want to hear someone say “I can’t” after seeing what these kids can accomplish.  That goes for me too.  47 weeks ago I was on this exact treadmill.  Antonio turned it on and made me walk for five minutes.  If I remember right the speed was set for 2.0.  By the time I hit three minutes, my heart rate was flashing 199 (basically my heart was about to explode) and I literally had to stop and get off.  Here I am with my speed set to 4.0 and my incline level at 12 (almost straight up) and I can go for an hour.  I hold the heart rate levers and I can’t even get my heart rate to 100.  It’s really amazing how far I have come, thank you to everyone who has helped me get here! 
I ended up doing 70 minutes on the treadmill.  I switched it up and did running, incline, fast, slow etc.  I left sweaty and inspired!
Today was the Del Webb Christmas home tour.  My parents were on the tour so I went to hang out and mingle with all the people touring the homes.  I arrive after it had been going for several hours and my mom is holding her iPad and walking around showing EVERYONE the before and after picture of me.  Pretty much every single person has the same reaction.  OH MY GOODNESS, SHE WAS HUGE, SHE LOOKS GREAT NOW….  I can’t tell you how many people follow my journey in the Manteca Bulletin.  I must have met a hundred people today that have read my journey for the past 11 months. They were all supportive and very excited to see my results in person.  I felt so honored, proud and thankful to all of you!  Nothing better than having your parents be proud of you and WANT to show you off!
By mid-day I was starting to lose my voice.  I came home and crashed.  YEP, I got that nasty cold/flu that everyone has been getting at my work.

Day 329 
I crawled into bed and didn’t get up once all day, I even missed my Sunday work out but I needed the rest and my hubby convinced me to stay home and get well.  I need it to pass through me quickly so I can get back to the gym!