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Struggle to improve his diet
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Day 274-287

I know I missed yet another article and have not kept up on my daily blog like I was. Over the past two weeks I have been enjoying the married life and getting back into my daily routine. As far as working out, I have not changed. I have been giving my all inside the gym. The workouts have changed up a little bit with more of a body sculpting approach. That means all lifting with light weight and high reps and focusing on every single rep. Each day I have been sore and it was not a day-long soreness. More of a four-day soreness for each body part. But that being said, outside the gym my diet has been a struggle to get back into. I am able to meal prep but I also have not had discipline to say no to sweets. I have been mad at myself as of late because of the fact I cannot be disciplined in my diet. I know I can do it and I got off to a solid start on day 287. Now it is time to get back into the gym and back to a full and healthy lifestyle. Thank you for your patience and support.