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Dave Millingar, the giant trout & successful trout comeback
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For most anglers, to catch a five pound trout is the experience of a lifetime.  I recall when my Dad caught a Brown Trout in the Merced River near the entrance to Yosemite Park. He was so proud that he had it mounted and hung it in his drug store for everyone to see.  That 5 pounder was Dad’s pride and joy.  For the most part any trout over 5 pounds is referred to as a “Wall Trout” because you have it stuffed and hang it on your wall.  A 10 pound trout is a super deluxe Wall Trout.

 The exception to the “Giant Trout are impossible to catch “rule,  where you stand a really good chance of catching a trout over 8 pounds, is a place  called Pyramid Lake and it lies just Northeast of Reno, Nevada. Located on the huge Paiute Indian Reservation, Pyramid Lake is populated by Lahontan Cutthroat Trout which can grow to over 40 pounds. 

The Pyramid Lake Trout is the largest freshwater trout in the world. Explorer John C. Fremont described them as “salmon-trout” that ranged from 2 to 4 feet in length. Commercial fishing in the early 1900s almost drove them to extinction and by the 1930s, they were thought to be extinct. Then a sharp young biologist found some original Pyramid strain trout living on Pilot Peak along the Nevada –Utah border. The leaders of the Paiute tribe were anxious to bring back the huge fish to their lake and the restocking of the lake with the Pilot Peak strain has been a huge success.

 Dave Millingar is a perfect example of how successful the Paiute recovery has been. Last weekend at the Tracy High Class Picnic I once again marveled at my friend Dave Millingar and the giant trout he catches on a regular basis.  Old Dave, however, has become a specialist in catching monster trout that most anglers only dream of. Dave regularly catches trout over ten pounds and this year even caught a monster trout that weighed over 20 pounds! Being the sportsman that he is, after taking a few pictures, Dave released the behemoth unharmed so that it could continue to breed and provide more monster trout for future generations. Atta Boy Dave! Our grandchildren thank you. 

The good news for us however is that Old Dave is now available to teach amateurs like you and I how to catch the monster trout of Pyramid Lake. Dave has relocated in the town of Fernley Nevada just about 30 minutes from Pyramid Lake and he has over 50 years experience in fishing for trophy trout. For a serious shot at catching the trout of a lifetime, contact my friend Dave Millingar at 209-608-6102. Tell him Don sent you.

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