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Elite Series events on their way to Delta, Clear Lake
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Congratulations to Kevin Van Dam for winning his third Bassmaster Classic this past weekend on Alabama’s Lay Lake.

Local favorite Skeet Reese of Auburn didn’t do so well, but I’m sure he’s excited to get the 2010 season started. The Elite Series will be visiting California this year. The last time they were in California was two years ago.

Tournaments are scheduled on both the Delta and Clear Lake this March. I’m really curious to see how those tournaments turn out and at the same time look forward to seeing how the touring professionals attack our local waters.

If you’ve never attended an Elite Series weigh in and have the time I definitely recommend it. From March 11 to 14, Delta weigh-ins will be held right near the Waterfront Park in Stockton.

Weigh-ins usually start around 3 p.m. and last a couple of hours. For fans of bass fishing this is also an excellent opportunity to get to meet some of the pros.

They’re usually very receptive to fans and are more than willing to sign an autograph or two.

BASS also puts on a great show as they have a huge stage and flat screen so that everyone can get a look at what’s happening on the stage. Aside from the weigh-ins themselves, there are usually sponsor booths set up.

At the sponsor booths you can usually pick up free samples or purchase items that are new to the fishing industry.

Delta Report

Fishing has been very tough for most anglers as very few fish are being caught. Anglers catching bass are catching big pre-spawn fish on black and blue jigs.

What’s making it so tough is that the bites are so far and few between. Currently, the water temperature is right at 50 degrees and the water is stained in most areas.

Slow moving baits such as jigs and worms have been successful with most bites being very soft as the fish have been just swimming off with the bait 65 percent of the time.

New Melones Lake

Trout fishing has slowed down. Anglers who are still able to catch them are trolling or fishing off the bottom with power bait or inflated worms.

Bass fishing has slowed down as the bass are likely to be in pre-spawn mode. Currently, fishing small plastics and jigs around main lake points has been providing the most consistent bite.  

Lake Don Pedro

Fishing at Lake Don Pedro has also been tough lately, and only the skilled veterans are bringing in trout with any consistency.

Bass fishing is very tough for the majority of anglers. the bass are preparing for the spawn which makes it tough to induce a feeding strike.

Lake Amador
Trout are being planted weekly, so now is the best time of the year to get out and fish the lake for trout.

Most anglers either troll small shad imitating lures right below the surface or fish with power bait right off the bottom.

Lake Pardee
Trout fishing has slowed down recently. There is another scheduled trout plant for this weekend which should bring action to those fishing the Marina cove. Anglers catching trout are using Power Bait.

Bass fishing has been tough lately with not a single report of fish being caught. Water temperatures are 48 degrees at 20 feet and 52 degrees on the surface.

Water clarity is still good to 12 feet with no debris visible. The lake is also 16 feet below the spillway.

Tip of the Week
Anglers often catch a fish and keep moving along a bank not realizing that they may have passed up a spot that could yield the trophy fish their after.

Fish rarely are found by themselves and sometimes changing tactics or baits while fishing the same spot can be the key to catching a lot of fish or one trophy sized fish.

One of my biggest fish on the Delta came on the very next cast to the exact same place I had just caught a small fish from.  

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