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MJC students hit coffee spot for studying, concerts
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MJC students Mykaila Orr and Ashley Dahlin are no strangers to Modestos Queen Bean Coffee House. They visit the coffee shop every week to catch up on homework, study for exams, or escape from the pressures of college life. - photo by Nancy Angel

For many college students, stress has become the norm in their everyday lives. Whether they’re studying a couple of hours before final exams, or staying on top of a pile of homework, hanging out with friends in between classes has become a necessity.  Many Modesto Junior College students choose from a slew of entertainment options to unwind and enjoy quality time with friends.

Queen Bean Coffee House, located on 1126 14th St. in Modesto, has become a regular hangout spot for college students. There’s food, coffee and live music. Besides being a fun hangout for friends, the coffee house is also a great starting point for aspiring musicians.

“Queen Bean is like a little piece of home,” said MJC student Ashley Dahlin.  “The shop is set up with couches and pillows.  It has a home vibe to it and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.”

Not only is Queen Bean the perfect spot for students to catch up and relax, many get a head start on their homework or projects.

“I like to work on my homework when I’m at Queen Bean because I have no distractions and it keeps me focused,” added Dahlin.

Aside from the regulars hanging out, Queen Bean is also known for its karaoke nights, live concerts, and community service events to help out local causes.

“Last year they held a free show for community members who donated new school supplies and backpacks for underprivileged students,” said Dahlin.

Other MJC students find it convenient to stay on campus while waiting for their next class to start.

“The student center is a great way for students to relax and watch some television,” said MJC student Kate Graham.  “People play card games, play on their computers, or even take a nap.”

If students are in the mood to get a good meal in before class, it only takes them a short walk across campus to get their hands on a taco truck burrito located in front of Founders Hall, across the street from campus.

“The taco truck place in front of Founders is always packed,” said MJC student Monique Cuadros.  “It’s more easy and convenient than driving around looking for a McDonald’s.”

For the majority of students, staying around campus is not part of their busy schedules.  Many students have work, while others, rather hangout in the comfort of their home.

“I’ve been an MJC student for five years, and aside from hanging out in the school library, most of us don’t like being there,” said Cuadros. “My hangout spot is studying at home, and if I’m preparing for an exam I meet up with classmates and we go somewhere to study as a group.”

— Nancy Angel
209 reporter