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Skaters know it is more than just a board
Alex Teel of The Spot Skate Shop in Modesto shows off the stores board selection. - photo by Nancy Angel

Finding the right skateboard can often be tough as there is a lot more to a board than meets the eye.  There are different types of boards to choose from and ranges of cost that will dictate what type of skateboard is the best fit. The Spot Skate Shop located at 416 North 9th St. in Modesto carries a variety of skateboards and parts for any rider’s needs. 

“First off, you want to make sure you’re comfortable with your board,” said TSSS skateboard expert Alex Teel.  “If you’re just looking to cruise around the streets for leisure activities, long boards are the perfect fit.  Short boards are used more for speed and tricks on and off the ramp.  Our boards come at a reasonable price that can range anywhere from $20 to $50.”

TSSS has a massive selection of bearings, wheels, grip tape and hard goods throughout the store.  The knowledge and staff expertise has gained the store notoriety in Modesto skateboard community.

“I’ve been skateboarding for 16 years and working for the skate industry for over eight years,” said Teel.  “Through my knowledge and share of boards over the years, I have been able to direct my customers to the right direction.”

Skateboarding has become mainstream enough that skaters from all walks of life visit the shop for the latest gear and accessories.

“I’ve seen skaters stop by the store as young as 3 years old,” said Teel.  “There’s also skaters in their mid 40s who still stop by the store and do their purchases with us.  I’ve also seen a lot of girls shop around here over the past years.”

When it comes to skate clothing, fashion and riding go hand-in-hand.  TSSS carries clothes from skate clothing designers that will bring attention and personality on and off the ramp.

“Fashion is an important factor of skateboarding,” said Teel.  “Our skate clothes are made for the act of skateboarding and are also highly fashionable.  We carry Diamond, Spitfire, Creature and many others at an affordable price.  We also carry a selection of shoes that can only be found in this store. Our Vox shoes are inexpensive compared to other stores and we are the only store in Modesto who carries this brand.  We pride ourselves in customer service and expertise in our products.”

209 staff reporter