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Restaurant on lake set to open at River Islands
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Arguably the restaurant with the best views in the entire South County will open next month at River Islands at Lathrop.

The Boat House is opening on the first manmade lake within the 10,800-home planned community where 100 families have already moved in.

The City of Lathrop gave its blessing this week for the land use change. It is located in the boat house Cambay Group built as part for the first phase of development. It will still be used as a boat house for community residents but it will soon do double duty as a restaurant.

River Islands Project Manager Susan Dell’Osso indicated an operator has been secured who plans to offer breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as full bar service.

The liquor license is the one that the developer kept active at the old Mossdale bar near the ridge by the river crossing by the same name that they converted into their offices.

The restaurant will be able to seat up to 100 people.

It will open sometime in July.

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Yet another new school at River Islands

River Islands Technology Academy will be in its second new home in as many years when school opens in August.

Pre-fabbed buildings are being put in place featuring the look of permanent structures.

The charter school started by River Islands was forced to scramble earlier this year to find a new home after Banta School District — miffed that the community was looking at possibly joining the Manteca Unified School District due to travel concerns to reach Tracy High — kicked out the charter school.

Banta is trying to start its own charter school at the $25 million campus built with state money and the local share covered by River Islands.

Meanwhile, 100 percent of the River Islands technology teachers and administrative staff and all but four of the 450 students are going to the new campus that will open in two months. The four students the tech academy lost moved out of the area.

Even if Banta opens its own charter school, ultimately they would be bumped by River Islands students who elect to attend school there. So far, however, families living in River Islands are going to the tech academy based on its strong first year track record.

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River Islands joining MUSD off the table at least for now

Cambay Group per se is dropping any possibility of having River Islands at Lathrop join the Manteca Unified School District.

Instead, they are going to leave that decision up to the families moving into the 10,800-home planned community.

That doesn’t mean merging with Manteca Unified is dead.  It isn’t unusual that communities that believe they can be better served by another district instigate such proceedings.

The issue originally wasn’t with Banta School District but Tracy High School District. Students from River Islands were supposed to go to relatively nearby Tracy High but instead were being shifted to West High on the other side of Tracy. Meanwhile, residents started expressing concern about their teens having to drive busy interstate freeways to go to and from school.

And with Lathrop High close — and a safe drive away — joining Manteca Unified is appealing.

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Homeless encampment cleaned out

Community work service crews as assigned by the courts and supervised by Manteca Police cleaned out more homeless encampments in Manteca last weekend.

Included was one on the northeast corner of the Louise Avenue overpass of Highway 99 where homeless attempt to set up housekeeping behind shrubbery and trees as well as burrow into the ground beneath the overpass.