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Why pay PG&E when you can get it for free?
rail photo LT
Free electricity in Manteca. - photo by Photo Contributed

Reader Teresa Morten snapped the above photo of a homeless individual plugging into a power outlet on a light standard to use her cell phone while it is charging.

“Welcome to Manteca,” Morten noted in an email. “Get free (electricity) for your electronics! And Wi-Fi too!”

Morten asks the rhetorical question : Who is paying for this electric bill?

The homeless have been known to get plugged in at various outdoor City of Manteca power outlets.

Prior to the Library Park remodeling, the old gazebo was a popular hangout for the homeless because they could recharge their phones while taking it easy in the shade. During a crackdown on the homeless when Dave Bricker was police chief, the outlets at the old gazebo were secured so they couldn’t be used to effectively reduce the number of homeless in the park.

And who said you have to pay PG&E to get electricity in Manteca?


Council appoints

five to youth

advisory board

Among the newest council appointed to be Manteca Youth Advisory Commission are Elizabeth Morowit, Maria Herrera, Ricky Herrera, Micah Ledesma, and Brittanee Jade Valdez.

Maria Herrera is a student at Durham Ferry School. She volunteered at numerous events and has served on the youth advisory commission for three years.

Ricky Herrera is a Venture Academy student who has served on the commission for two years as well as in various school leadership roles.

Ledesma is an East Union High freshman. She is a member of the East Union High Kiwins and volunteered with various endeavors at New Haven School including being part of the morning announcements crew, the scholastic book fair, and the December gift shop.

Valdez is a  senior at LTA School in Lodi. She works two days a week with kindergartners.

Morowit is a Sierra High senior who has participated in numerous community endeavors including Relay for Life, World Relief, Clean the World, Ronald McDonald House, Soles 4 Souls Shoe Collection, Soaps Foundation, and Anthony’s Angels. She also has worked as an administrative assistant at the Boys & Girls Club, is a current tutor for Give Every Child a Chance, and has been an assistant instructor for the Manteca Junior Police Academy.


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