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Car driven by husband knocks wife thru window
The woman hit by this Buick when it lurched over the curb and into the window of the UPS Store awaits transport to the hospital. - photo by HIME ROMERO

An 85-year-old Manteca woman was thrown through the plate glass window of the Manteca UPS Store after being struck by a car driven by her husband.

Police said the 87-year-old driver had parked the ‘90s Buick in front of the shipping store in the 1100 block of South Main shortly before noon Friday. He got out and noticed that he needed to pull forward to be completely within the stall. When he got back in his vehicle he stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake causing the four-door sedan to lunge forward and jump the curb.

His wife had gotten out of the right passenger seat and was walking toward the door of the store when she was struck by the car and knocked into the large glass window with glass shards falling around her.

When firefighters arrived they found the car still running and the driver behind the wheel. One firefighter broke out the driver’s side window so he could turn the car off and get the driver out of through the door. He was taken inside the store where he was put into a chair with someone monitoring and calming him while other rescuers worked to get his wife onto an ambulance gurney and off the floor.

Despite reported moderate injuries, she was conscious and exchanging light-hearted conversation with the ambulance personnel and firefighters. An edge of the right front wheel was stopped by a structural upright between the UPS and New York Diamonds, preventing the car from further entering the building.

She was transported to Kaiser Hospital in Manteca for treatment. He was taken for observation.