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Cheering in 2016 in London
Sierra, RC spiritleaders part of All-Americans
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The five All American cheerleaders as picked by the Universal Cheer Association Malia DeJesus, Kathryn Grigsby, Emily Nunes and Karenna Martinez along with mascot Dilpreet Kahlon qualified to perform in the London New Years Day Parade. - photo by Photo Contributed

Dilpreet Kahlon found out over the summer that he would be traveling to England to represent Sierra High School in the London New Year’s Day Parade.
But he had no idea at that time that he’d be wearing a mascot suit cheering on the Timberwolves football team almost until he stepped on the plane to fly across the pond.
Last week the entire Sierra High School cheerleading program traveled to Chowchilla to root on the Timberwolves in their attempt at securing a state championship for the first time in city history.
According to advisor Michelle Fay, being involved throughout the playoff run was a great experience for all of those who participated.
“They were all super excited to be able to go down there and cheer at that game,” said Fay. “We had all three squads performing together, and even as the season continued through the holidays – we were there with them the day after Thanksgiving – they were excited about the games and looking forward to the next one”.
Kahlon was one of five members of the Sierra High School cheer program to get selected by the Universal Cheer Association as All-Stars – a group that included him, Malia DeJesus, Kathryn Grigsby, Emily Nunes and Karenna Martinez.
Only Kahlon will be making the trip, which will be paid for by his family. Ripon Christian cheerleader Kara Eggink – who was coached by advisor Chabryel Snaer-Fay – will be joining him in London.
According to Fay, the participants will leave the day after Christmas and spend a portion of their time there rehearsing and learning a new routine that they’ll perform in the parade – eventually snaking their way through the streets of the historic city and past classical landmarks like the House of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus and Big Beg.
“It’s an honor to be named as an All-American, and I think that all of those who were selected should be proud of receiving that recognition,” said Fay. “The thing that’s great about Dilpreet is that he engages with the crowd but also helps out with the jumps and the routines and serves as a big part of what we’re doing – he does more than he needs to.
“He’s an all-around good person both inside and out I think that he’ll represent this area well in London.”