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Officers confiscate loaded .44 caliber revolver following short foot chase
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Paroled felon Sean Melendrez, 37, is arrested by Manteca officers after a brief foot chase Tuesday afternoon. Detectives Sam Gallego, center, and Steve Harris are detaining the Manteca man as Officer Mike Kelly waits to transport him to the Manteca jail. - photo by GLENN KAHL
A Manteca parolee with a gun in his waistband was chased down by Manteca Police detectives Tuesday noon sending him back to prison for violation of his parole along with several fresh charges.

Sean Melendrez, 37, was the passenger in a car that drove by officers who were making warrant arrests at a home in the 600 block of South Veach Avenue when Detective Marnix Lub recognized him and shouted for the car to pull to the curb.

Instead the driver gunned the car around the corner and onto Edythe Street.  Lub and his partner in the Street Crimes Unit jumped into their unmarked vehicles and gave chase.  Shortly after the car made the corner Melendrez jumped out of the vehicle, police said.

Gallego and Lub gave chase on foot as the parolee ran toward the fence of a home, but instead opted for a gate dropping a loaded .44 caliber magnum revolver into a partially open cardboard box just behind the fence.

Melendrez was arrested without incident in the back yard of the residence where the occupants were away at the time.   He was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and for having a loaded and concealed firearm on his person.  The man was on parole for narcotics and possession of stolen property convictions, officers said.  Melendrez has a half dozen aliases including “Moniker Budha.”
At the same time other officers around the corner were continuing to clear the house on Veach Avenue where they were conducting a warrant search.  They noted  they were bringing suspects out while others were hiding in the back of the house.

Arrested at the Veach address were three more: Timothy Franklin, 39, on two warrants out of Lodi.  One was for $50,000 for possession of methamphetamine for sale and the other a felony bench warrant tied with a no bail provision for possession of methamphetamine and possession of ammunition.

Raquel Marie Azevedo, 40, was arrested for failing to answer a charge of possession of methamphetamine.  Christopher M. Cebrian, 31, was arrested for failing to answer a misdemeanor charge in court of possession of hypodermic needles.