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Robber hits Ripon Bank of the West
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RIPON - A noon-time robbery at Ripon’s Bank of the West branch Friday netted an undisclosed amount of cash and locked down several  near-by schools.

A lone robber entered the bank about 11:30 and demanded cash from a teller.  Ripon Police said it is unclear whether he simulated a gun when he walked up to the bank’s counter.

He was described as being a black adult, about 6-foot-tall, wearing a white baseball cap, a black bandana over a portion of his face, a white T-shirt with a two-tone gray jacket and dark colored blue pants.

The man was last seen fleeing north on Acacia Avenue toward Ripon High School.  The high school, Ripon Elementary School and Ripon Christian Schools were all locked down for precautionary reasons as was Ripon Unified School District’s administrative office.

Officers established a two block perimeter searching for the suspect.  After completion of the search the schools were released from lockdown.

It was last Friday that Bank of America in Manteca was robbed by gunmen – almost at the same time – who then attempted to hide in a duplex only a block away.  They were eventually captured 11 hours later after a tear gas attack on the residence and the use of a police dog.

The Ripon Police Department is currently working on recovering photographs from the bank and from the City of Ripon’s MESH camera system to assist in their investigation.

Mr. Pickle kicked in
his groin by thugs

A waving and spirited “Mr. Pickle” was downed by young thugs driving by his assigned location at the corner of Yosemite and Commerce avenues last week.

A Manteca Police spokesman said the call went out, “Pickle down – Pickle down at the corner of Yosemite and Commerce!”

The car filled with teens reportedly stopped at the corner where he was waving to customers to stop by his deli – kicked him in the groin and left him writhing on the sidewalk before they sped away from the scene.

Breakfast with
police chief today

Manteca Police Chief Dave Bricker will host his third “Breakfast with the Chief” this morning (Saturday) at Perko’s Restaurant on East Yosemite Avenue and Highway 99.

Chief Bricker is making himself available for questions from the public who have concerns about policing activities – past, present and future – in the community.

Bricker is prepared to discuss staffing plans resulting from the economic slowdown as well as such things as property crimes, car thefts, graffiti and domestic violence cases.  Domestic violence has often been rated as the most dangerous for responding officers where suspects have been known to turn their aggression on the officers.

The first Breakfast with the Chief was held at Johnny’s Restaurant on East Yosemite Avenue, and the second at the Waffle Shop on North Main Street.

Bricker usually makes the rounds of the tables at the restaurants greeting customers and engaging in brief and sometime lasting conversations.  Speaking directly with the chief often brings immediate results – or at least easy to understand explanations of police procedures.