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Manteca Unified students with perfect STAR scores presented certificates of recognition
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A total of 91 students in the Manteca Unified School District posted perfect scores in the 2012 California STAR Testing.

Half of the group was recognized at the Oct. 9 meeting of the Board of Trustees and were presented Certificates of Achievement. The remaining half of the perfect STAR Testing score achievers will be similarly honored at the November meeting of the board.

Below are the students who received their Certificate of Achievement on Oct. 9:

Aiko Jones, Ryan Lee, Michael Lozano, Jorge Luis Gutierrez, Lorenzo Robles, Eduardo Cuevas Bohac, Carlos Drain, Enrique Lugo, Carlos Perez, Tyler McIntosh, Katelin Bean, Matthew Barnes, Savannah Hudson, Kelly Francesca Ball, Donovan Armstrong, Michael Hudson, Cassandra Dickerson, Sean Marsh, Kaitlyn Leal, Kelton D’Souza, Ciaran Kemptner, Andy Parcells, Rita Andrade, Pearce Kemptner, Emily Cunial, Valeria Amaya, Balkaren Singh, Si Jie Tang, Richard Hebert, Omar Arias, Dustin Ngo, Kiersten Mendel Melan, Daniel Ngo, Travis Tran, Moriah Gomez, Sophia Cerritos, Julia Moreno, Elijah Trepel, Jared Kotch, Karson Condit, Abbie Gallman, Kurtis Ma, Tristan Garcia, Jewlea Bettencourt, Amaya Urias, Artid Oudanonh, Andrew Millard, Joshua Spooner.