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Circle K plans means Manteca on track for 20 car washes
quick quack benefit
A Quick Quack Car Wash will be built near the northwest corner of Airport Way and AtheronDrive.

Manteca might want to adopt Rose Royce’s 1976 hit “Car Wash” as the city’s official song.

That’s because plans for new car washes keep on coming and coming.

The latest are plans for a car wash — along with the perquisite fuel pumps and convenience store — near the southeast corner of Airport Way and Louise Avenue.

It is across the street from where Richmond American broke ground several months ago on the 760-home Villa Ticino neighborhood.

It is one of three commercial projects submitted to the City of Manteca in recent weeks for approval.

The others are:

*A mini-storage complex on the westside of Airport Way north of the railroad tracks and south of Lathrop Road.

*A combo retail center and apartment complex on the northeast corner of North Main Street and Northgate Drive.

The apartment complex and retail will be south of Arco storage that is preparing to expand its facility and to the north of the 154-home North Main Commons neighborhood now under construction.

The area up until nine years ago was the on ramp that involved a flyover for northbound Highway 99.

Between the Arco expansion, the U-Haul work still underway at the old Kmart, Public Security Storage, and Lancaster Storage the immediate area will have more than 2,000 mini-storage units between four complexes.

There are three more mini-storages complexes now proposed in Manteca. Besides the one proposed for Airport Way, a mini-storage facility is planned for Atherton Drive as well as Cottage Court behind Pandera Bread.

If all are built, Manteca will have 13 mini-storage facilities.

The proposal by Circle K means Manteca could end up with 20 car washes if all of the four proposed locations for new facilities are built.

There would be 22 but one has closed down temporarily and another has been converted to a quick oil change facility.

That includes the Chevron car wash, convenience store, and gas station combo now under construction at Union Road and Atherton Drive.

Two others have been approved along Airport Way — one at Atherton Drive and the other at Daniels Drive.

There is also a proposal to build  a car wash. fuel pumps, and convenience store on East Yosemite Avenue between Vasconcellos and Pestana avenues.

A car wash is also proposed for the Marketplace on Main complex being built on the southwest corner of Atherton Drive and South Main Street.

Based in existing and current proposals, there will be four car washes along the Airport Way corridor including three within a half mile of the Airport Way/120 Bypass interchange

There are also three convenience stores approved near the interchange as well as three additional gas stations.

Once they are built and you include the existing ARCO as well as Costco fueling station, the area around the interchange will be home to five gas stations.


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