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Help sought to keep Bikes for Kids effort going
189 bikes
About 189 bikes were distributed in December for those in need on Bikes for Kids giveaway at Paulsen Ranch in French Camp.

Pete Paulsen is trying to keep Bikes for Kids afloat.

That's his nonprofit organization that takes used bicycles, refurbishing them to give to foster homes and children in need during the holidays since 2018.

All for free.

"I can't continue to bankroll it," Paulsen he recently said.

In December, 189 bikes were distributed from his French Camp ranch during the giveaway.

He’s hoping to do it again.

Not too long ago, Paulsen sent letters to businesses and also looked into grants in search of financing.

His friends recently posted to Facebook, providing a link on the Bikes for Kids on Paulsen's social media page in search of donations from the public.

Among the recent post included:

"Unfortunately, while trying to run his non-profit, Mr. Paulsen’s wife had a stroke (her second in just a few years), causing her to fall and get injured, leaving her bed ridden ever since.

"This set Mr. Paulsen back from doing anything for Bikes for Kids or his wheel business for months, as he had to tend to the needs of his wife Patricia."

Also noted were much-needed repairs to the Paulsen home, from fixing fences, to bigger things such as replacing windows and having stairs rebuilt so that the in-home nurses could attend to Pete Paulsen's wife.

His business, in addition, took a hit during the pandemic, causing Paulsen to step away after 60 years.

Along the way, he lost several of his Bike for Kids sponsors.

"In just these past few months, Mr. Paulsen has held two events in the hopes of raising money for Bikes for Kids. Unfortunately, neither event raised many funds, in fact one event even caused him to lose money," his friend posted.

Paulsen is still trying to find homes for his donated bikes. He expressed his appreciation to some of his helping hands from the get go, including John Anderson of Anderson's Bike & Mowers.

A, GoFundMe, Venmo, and Pay Pal accounts were set up Paulsen’s Facebook page for those looking to help out.

In addition, he just announced another hot rod party set for this year.

More information is available at 209.983.0271.