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Manteca seeking $3.2M in state homeless grants
sprung homeless
The inside of homeless sleeping quarters in a Sprung Structure in San Diego.

 Manteca could get upwards of 100 homeless off the streets this winter.

If the City Council concurs with a staff recommendation the first step toward making that a reality is approving a pair of grant requests totaling $3.2 million when they meet tonight at 7 p.m. during a Zoom meeting. The meeting is being livestreamed on the city’s website as well as Comcast Chanel 97.

Staff is recommending purchasing two Sprung Structures for placement in the Qualex parking lot at 555 Industrial Park. The structures have aluminum frames that hold up membranes or the “skin” of the building. They are used across North America for everything from homeless centers to churches.

It will cost $2,055,506 for two 40-by 120-foot structures with attached bathroom and shower facilities One structure is able to house 50 homeless. The last point in time count in January of 2019 put Manteca’s homeless count at 218. The $2 million price covers site prep work, connecting utilities, and creating a suitable pad.

The structures would be use as warming and cooling centers — and possibly a homeless resource center during the time of year there is fair weather. If the 55,000-square-foot Qualex building is acquired for use as a homeless navigation center, the two Sprung Structures will be used for other homeless-related purposes.

The city is also seeking $143,272 to cover a proposed contract to have the Turlock Gospel Mission run the warming center this winter.

Manteca, in a second grant, is seeking $1.1 million to purchase the Qualex property and building for use as a navigation center. Repair and cost estimates as well as the design of the navigation center will start this month.

The city has already been awarded a $500,000 grant to help rehab the structure.

The almost $3.3 million is being sought from the $5,970,649 San Joaquin County has in pass thru grant funds from the state’s Homeless, Housing Assistance and Prevention Program.


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