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Ripon crime drops 61% since ‘stay-at- home’ order made
crime drops

Crime has taken a substantial dip in Ripon.

Police Chief Ed Ormonde noted just that at Tuesday's livestream meeting of the Ripon City Council.

Using local data and the Uniform Crime Reporting statistics of the FBI -- in particular, Part 1 offenses such as larceny, theft and simple assault -- he reported a 28 percent reduction based on the current year-to-date figures for 2020, for Part 1 crimes, and 31 percent reduction total in all other crimes.

"The stay-at-home orders (by Gov. Gavin Newsom in an attempt to minimize the spread of COVID-19) had much to do with it," Ormonde said.

Speaking of which, since the stay-at-home order went into effect — March 19 to this day -- he added that Ripon was "down 61 percent" in Part 1 crimes coupled with a 55 percent reduction from all other crimes.

The open session was held without the public due to the coronavirus pandemic, and those elected leaders and staff including Ormonde maintained social distancing in the Council Chambers based on the guidance from the state Department of Public health and Governor’s Office.