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Ripon installing bike lanes, crossings for safe routes to schools
safe route
Senator Anthony Cannella's new bill, SB 1151, adds additional fines to school zone violations, deterring drivers from going over the school zone speed limit and ultimately preventing more pedestrian injuries and deaths. - photo by Journal file photo

The Ripon Safe Routes to School is the latest improvement project of the 2021-22 Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Account.

The plans call for constructing Class II and Class III bikeways along Second Street in Ripon, from South Wilma Avenue to South Stockton Avenue; North Acacia Avenue from Highway 99 to Doak Boulevard; Prospect Avenue, from Frontage Road to Ripona Avenue; and the full length of Ripona Avenue.

The project also includes nine curb extensions, improved crossings, and the installation of one Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon.

The Ripon City Council approved the Ripon Safe Routes to School to that of the River Road Overlay / Ripona Resurface Project – Engineering Supervisor Elizabeth Quilici said at the June 8 meeting that the resurfacing project was on the list from last year – giving the City two projects on the SB 1 (Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017) list.

She noted that projects can be adjusted yearly.

“They took the Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project off and put the Safe Route to School project on the list,” Quilici said.

The River Road Overlay / Ripona Resurface Project is targeted to begin construction by June 2022. Work will include an overlay consisting of a micro slurry and asphalt rubber cape seal on River Road and Ripona neighborhood – namely, River Road, Ripona Avenue, Ridge Avenue, Prospect Avenue along with some surrounding roads – with all streets having isolated dig outs and repair sections and striping.

Work on the Ripon Safe Routes to School project could possibly begin in July 2022.

This is the fifth year for the City of Ripon receiving SB 1 funding, according to Quilici in her staff report – she pointed out that Ripon could receive $306,020 in RMRA funding in fiscal year 2021-22 from SB 1.

“The 2018 California Statewide Local Streets and Roads Needs Assessment found that the City of Ripon streets and roads (were) ‘at-risk’ condition and this revenue will help us increase the overall quality of our road system and over the next decade will bring our streets and roads into a ‘good’ condition,” she said.