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Second battery storage for power proposed in SJC
battery storage
A mega battery pack is shown with doors (top) and without (bottom) showing the 19 module bays.

Another battery energy storage facility is being planned in San Joaquin County.

The latest would be located in the 243000 block of East Flood Road in Linden adjacent to a PG&E substation in the eastern part of the county.

It would be able to store 132-megawatts of power — roughly enough for 40,000 average California household to use in a typical 24 hour period — by employing 300 lithium iron phosphate battery storage containers covering up to 45,000 square feet.

A slightly smaller battery storage facility has been approved in Ripon adjacent to the PG&E substation located immediately west of the Flying J Truck Plaza.

The Ripon facility is expected to use a Tesla energy storage system will have a capacity to store 100 megawatts of electricity.

The 4.9-acre Ripon project that will be visible from Highway 99 until oleanders are high enough to block them would be comprised of Tesla Megapacks — or similar devices — housed in cabinet enclosures located on equipment pads that link together between inverter/transformer pads. Each enclosure would include steel cabinets that hold arrays of lithium-ion batteries.

The battery storage packs would be charged by alternating current (AC) energy from PG&E’s grid, when the supply of energy exceeds the demand. When energy demand exceeds the supply, the storage system would then feed energy back into PG&E’s grid. This transfer of energy would occur via a main step-up transformer, which will be installed on-site, including electrical protection equipment  such as circuit breakers, switches, etc. All the battery cabinets will be connected to the step-up transformer.

The battery storage operation will be inspected on a regular basis and will be monitored by a supervisory control and data acquisition system, which has the ability for remote system control. Additionally, there will be a local service technician on-site regularly throughout the workweek. The facility will also be enclosed by a 6- to 7-foot-tall commercial quality ornamental security fence around the entire perimeter of the site. .

The project will include vehicle impact protection along Highway 99, which could include above ground detention basins with dense vegetation such as oleanders and possibly boulders.

The Linden location  is before the San Joaquin County Planning Commission Thursday due to an appeal by nearby residents that are against the power storage complex proposal.


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