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Shortages in Manteca of ammo & ‘enforcement’
red curb

A surge in ammo demand is making it difficult for Manteca Police to secure bullets for training purposes.

An order placed seven months ago in October for the specific bullets police use has not been shipped. At the same time prices are skyrocketing.

It is why Interim Police Chief Mike Aguilar is asking the council Tuesday to tap into reserves for $32,500 so additional ammo can be ordered now to prevent the possibility of the department running out in the coming months given long delays are anticipated even after the existing order is finally shipped.


Does Manteca ever

enforce red zone laws?

A reader points out another high profile case where the City of Manteca seems to deploy “selective” enforcement.” when it comes to vehicles parking in locations that compromise the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

To see it firsthand drive down Northgate Drive when sports are taking place after school.

On a daily basis people park on Northgate Drive in an area painted red where there are several signs to indicate no parking anytime.  In one location they completely block any view for a person turning from Hoyt onto Northgate Drive.

It is not a new development. It has been occurring for years.

 The reader asks the obvious question: Whose fault will it be when it does cause serious accident? Traffic on Northgate Drive at times travels well above posted limit.


The city could harness police

officers with other agencies

that live in Manteca to help

with quality of life enforcement

Speaking of the city’s ability to enforce quality of life issues in Manteca, one city resident has a suggestion as he outlined in this email:

“I pay extra attention to the articles regarding parking issues/violations and abandoned vehicles.   I notice these because I'm a sworn police officer in another jurisdiction and I handle the same complaints.  While my immediate neighborhood does not have serious problems, I do notice it shortly after leaving my small development.  I know lots of cops in my area, and after reading several of your articles, I had an idea that may address these concerns.

“Establish a program that would allow current, full time, sworn officers to address these concerns, in exchange for reduction in city utility bills and/or property tax liability.  It's a job we do anyway; we're already trained and qualified in law and procedure, and the cost to the City would likely be negligible.

“I have spoken with some of my colleagues and they all say this is a good idea and they would support and participate in it.”

That’s definitely out-of-the-box thinking and worth exploring.

Let’s see where it does.


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