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Stockton Avenue paver work nears completion; city still has road funds
pacer work
Most of the funding for the nearly completed Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project was made possible by a sizable grant.

The Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project had been a priority with the Ripon City Council for many years.

City Administrator Kevin Werner mentioned that at a recent meeting during his overview of the project that was awarded to D.A. Wood Construction in February 2021.

The request came from Councilman Gary Barton, who was appointed to his seat in December, questioning the change orders.

The latest one was No. 12 in the amount “not to exceed $138.799.25” for a 6-inch grind and overlay at the south end of Stockton Avenue along with additional pull box installation for street light connection.

No discussion was necessary as elected leaders approved it, using Street & Road Operating Fund and Measure K Renewal Grant.

Werner noted that some of the City’s revenue – in particular, funding received to do road maintenance – had been set aside for the Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project.

“However, we were able to obtain a sizable grant for the project,” he said.

Werner added: “Until this most recent change order, no Street & Road money had been used for the project.”

He pointed out that a good part of those change orders involved underground work. Included was a necessary separation of a storm drain pipeline and a city industrial sewer pipeline.

“During the design phase, staff did a lot of investigation, but it is really not known until you open the road up to see what is there – there were a lot of unknowns in the undergrounds that made up a majority of the change orders,” Werner said.

On a positive note, the City of Ripon was able to get grant money for the project.

“We still have a healthy balance in our Street and Road funds, which will allow us to do future projects,” said Werner.

Stockton Avenue now has concrete pavers from Second Street to Doak Avenue. Other features call for Type III striping for a shared bike path, installation of slopes behind the new 6-foot-wide sidewalk to mating the existing elevations, and new streetlights.