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Trailer theft hurts ministry furniture effort
trailer theft
Love’s Treasure Ministry volunteers Randy Daniel and Gene Twake stand near the location of the trailer belong to the local non-profit missing since Aug. 29.

The last time the trailer belonging to Love’s Treasure Ministry was seen was Aug. 29.

The custom-designed dual-wheeled trailer had items on board, including furniture ranging from chairs to a China cabinet.

A sign indicating that all items were free for the exception of the trailer was posted in front of the local non-profit located at 20599 S. Manteca Road.

“The trailer was taken in broad daylight,” said Randy Daniel, who is one of the Love’s Treasure volunteers.

Another volunteer Gene Twake described the trailer as being about 18 feet long and attached with two locks.

Love’s Treasure, which is a ministry supplying people in need with free furniture and other household items, has serviced the Central Valley for nearly two decades.

Daniel and Twake have helped out for most of those years.

“If whoever took the trailer returns it, we will not press charges,” Daniel said.

The same can’t be said if the item is located in the possession of a second party, he added.

Since it was reported missing, Daniel noted that he and Love’s Ministry Leader Todd Huff have looked at other trailers in the area with the same capacity but to no avail.

“This was our main trailer, which we used to pick up items for our ministry,” he said.

Love’s Ministry is also looking at the possibility of someone donating a trailer.

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