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Manteca Police officers serve tables at Chilis
Chili-St.-Jude-DSC 6811a
Manteca Police Sergeant Jodie Estarziau and school resource officer April Smith greet Chilis customers at their table this week raising funds for St. Judes Childrens Hospital catching the eye of 2-year-old Allysia Batterson. Enjoying the Tip-A-Hero experience are, from left, Rita Dingle and Desiree Dingle. Also at the table was MHS grad Trina Ramsey. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Mantecan Amy Albrecht supports St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital with her whole being as reflected in the Chili’s Tip-A-Hero event this week and the recent Stella Brockman School Carnival.

Manteca Police officers waited on tables this past week as Albrecht watched and took part with the noontime crowd while she also tended bar.  The officers had volunteered under the direction of Sgt. Jodie Estarziau.

Diners were putting their tips in envelopes that had been left on the tables for St. Jude’s.  One family told a waiter that their tip was left electronically with the payment of their tab in the amount of $50.  The officers’ eyes lit up when they heard the news.

The St. Jude’s Carnival and Festival at Stella Brockman School has been ongoing for six years under the direction of the Chili’s bartender. It has been a personal mission for her, she said.

The carnival brought in some $2,100 just last week all in quarters from the students and their families.  One manager at the restaurant said the 1,400-member eateries all over the world are participating with 100 percent of the profits also going to the hospital from Monday’s lunch crowd.