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Ripon steps up efforts for dog park
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Ripon could one day have its own dog park.

Yet there’s still plenty of work ahead in order for that to become a reality.

One thing is for certain – the City is behind those efforts.

At last week’s Ripon City Council, elected leaders named Councilman Mark Winchell to serve as the go-between with representatives of the Ripon Dog Park.

The group spearheaded by the likes of Shelly Moulyn and Jaime Fountain. They’ve met regularly for the better part of the past year.

They’re also looking to becoming a non-profit.

Once that happens – included will be fees and donations necessary for filing of the 501c3 for tax exempt status – the group could become “Friends of the Ripon Dog Park.”

An area behind the animal shelter has already been designated for a dog park by the City, said Moulyn at last month’s meeting.

Her group meets on a monthly basis at the local Round Table. Councilman Winchell and his colleague, Mike Restuccia, attended the previous session.

“We will need you to report (to council) on the meetings,” Mayor Leo Zuber said to Winchell following his appointment to the Ripon Dog Park group.

Moulyn and Fountain recently indicated that the proposed dog park will have the curb appeal to compliment the town’s aesthetics.

 An engineer was also brought along to provide estimates on costs. Included are site plans, fencing and equipment.

The dog park, in addition, would feature drought-tolerant plants, complying with the new city ordinance and the state-wide water conservation efforts.

For more information on the dog park, call 209.815.2388 or click on to Ripon Dog Park at