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Offended? Then get over it
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
A republic is a system of laws governed by the people. But like a cool wet towel some of the people have wrung the moisture of truth from it and aired it out to dry. As the breeze of lies filters through it, the breeze becomes a wind and the lies, if told often enough, become the truth. It’s a “truth” that even judges find to be true due to their being often repeated.
It is said to think a minority of people can run or ruin the states of this union, but each generation of people must see things their way and let the will of God run its course.
If one is offended by the religion of another, let them say to the other they are offended. There is nothing in the Bill of Rights or in the constitution that shields them from offense. If the ground on which the offense occurs is paid for by the state, then state law must be followed. Remember separation of church and state. Another breeze turned into the wind of truth. if they are offended, could not the other party be offended by them as well?
The republic must stand. It is not for lawyers who want to make a name for themselves, or for judges who seem to lean one way or the other. It is for the people who make this a great place to live or not. To make America great or not, that is what “we the people” must do.
As a witness of the Father, who sent His Son Jesus Christ and his angels, both He and His angels I have seen, I can only say they are real. I was not asleep. It was not a dream. It was a wide awake vision. And those that may be offended,  get over it. I never will. I witness to you, he is a God of the living, not of the dead.
Donna Getchell