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A trip to Pismo Beach
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As I started down Interstate 5 on a trip to Pismo Beach, I was shocked at the speed of all the cars. I traveled 70 mph all the way to Kettleman City and I don’t think I passed one car on the whole trip. Coming home the next day, it was even worse with some cars passing us like we were going too slow for them. I know some of them were going at least 90 to 100 mph. It was really scary for an old guy like me, but I guess I don’t drive the freeways much anymore.

Also on our trip I saw a lot of signs saying “Congress Caused the Dust Bowl” and “No Water No Jobs and No Water No Food”. Somebody better wake up and help these farmers that are trying to make a living and feed our country.Some people in the government better wake up soon or we’re going to have a big dust bowl south of here.

Then we went on to Pismo Beach and it was beautiful weather and there were many people on the beach. We strolled on the beach for a few hours and had good lunch and dinner meals. The only thing that bothered me was all the beautiful girls that we saw had so many tattoos on their arms and legs and all over their body that I thought it took away all their beauty.  Sorry to say there were just as many men the same way. I guess I’m not keeping up with modern day stuff. If that makes them beautiful, I guess this old guy don’t get it.

 Bud Wallace
Feb. 24, 2010