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A vote for Demos is a vote for status quo
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
For more than a year now the Democrats have been working on the health care bill.  It finally passed and with much controversy.  This has been the main goal of the Democrats and especially Mr. Obama.  Earlier attempts in the past had failed and it could not pass until there were too many people without health care.  In other words, they needed high unemployment.  

In any other economic condition this bill would not succeed.  It is a perfect economic storm.  Mr. Obama and the Democrats left America out to dry.  The only jobs bills that have come out in the past year were “Green” jobs.  These types of jobs do not help the average American worker.  They help technology workers and China.  The unemployment rate is flat at 9.7% and it is expected to remain flat for the rest of the year.  What happened to all the rhetoric from the Democrats regarding jobs and the unemployment rate during the Bush era?  Remember the snide letters to the editor about the 5 to 6% unemployment numbers?  How about the comments about how Mr. Bush was a friend of big oil and that was why we had high gas prices?  Oil prices have gone from $31 a barrel (and gas from $1.30 a gallon) to over $81/bb (and gas to $3.15/gal) in the last year.  The Democrats promised how great this country will be once the “failed policies of the Republicans and Mr. Bush” are gone.  Mr. Baca, Mr. Sadlowski, and other Democrats are still complaining about the Republicans.  There are still many Democrats out there that blame the Republicans for messing up this country.  

Have you noticed how conspicuously the call to hang those politicians that are accused of driving this economy into the ground is NOT being called for?  It has only been in the last couple of weeks, and after much pressure, that the Democrats have started working on getting people back to work.  Over the last four  years I have repeatedly stated that the Democrats do not care about the common American having a job.  They allowed the technical jobs market to become saturated with foreign workers through the H1b visa program at the end of the era.  They try to encourage illegal aliens to cross the border with perks such as drivers’ licenses, and welfare.  San Francisco is the biggest “sanctuary” city in this country.  Illegal aliens have more protection than American citizens.  This healthcare bill is already starting to drive away jobs.  There have been several announcements by companies to ship jobs overseas.  With the Democrats having had the majority party in power since 2006 and a super majority for the past 15 months, I would expect the country to be in better ship.  Politics has always had mudslinging on both sides of the isle.  The Democrats are now using the mudslinging from a few conservatives and Republicans to distract from their failures.  While there will be a small percentage of people whose healthcare premiums will drop, the majority of people will see an increase in premiums.  

The latest polls show that 52% of people think that the economy is the No. 1 priority and at a distant 13%, people think healthcare is the No. 1 priority.  By the time the Democrats get something workable for helping people get jobs, they will have been in power over 18 months and it will be over 2 years before any jobs bill has any affect.  Out of the millions of people who need help with their mortgage, only 200,000 have gotten the help.  Without jobs, millions more people will lose their home and will not have much help from the Democrats policies.  The Democrats need to stop complaining about the Republicans and focus on restoring the economy.  November is not that far away.  Remember to vote for Democrats so that the status quo can remain.  I am voting Republican so we can get back to the “failed” economic policies of the conservative Republicans.  Mr. Obama has just restated that America cannot return to the “failed” policies of the past.  Is ignoring the economic vibrancy of this country considered success?
Scott McComas
April 3, 2010