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About the water tower & free sack lunches
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

This is regarding Lin LaRock’s and Jeff Morrow’s letters on Monday. I have lived in Manteca over 50 years, and have seen many changes. Not only physical changes within our fair city, but financial, and attitudes as well. I have a couple of questions.  Since when is being sentimental being frowned upon?

True, the water tower no longer serves any useful purpose. Our old railroad station didn’t either. So without regard to most people, who would have liked to have it saved for posterity, it was simply wiped off the face of the  earth! The city bureaucrats chose to sell it for one dollar, to have it torn down.  One dollar mind you!  Wonder what they spent the dollar on? 

Little Lodi saved their Station, and now it is a downtown landmark, just as cute as can be.

Thanks to the sentimental people in Lodi showing the foresight for future generations, to carry on, that which once was, a landmark, and still is!

I believe this is exactly, what Mr. Cantu sees in our historical water tower. For it to be called a fixation, is indeed a slap in his face!

Just because something is old, and not being used, we don’t need to just dump it.  What about the old vintage cars people fix up?  Scrap-metal them?

Certainly not the antique furniture-just torch them, turning them into ashes?

Now on to Jeff Morrow’s letter:

I also wonder about these free lunches. Where is the money coming from?  Are these parents just too lazy to slap together a sandwich, a glass of milk, and some fruit for dessert?  I will venture to say, they have time and money to pick up some smokes, maybe even some beer, for themselves.

OK end of report! 

Have a nice day, Mantecans, And “You Go, Ben!”

Alin Rensie
July 23, 2012