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About those Ribbon Cutters Republicans
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
The blatant hypocrisy of the Right Wing of the Republican Party is once again on public display but the Right Wing goes about its business as if their hypocrisy is invisible and apparently, for a surprising number of voters, it is.

I am referring to the Ribbon Cutters from the Republican Party who first voted against the Obama Stimulus Bill, officially known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and then attended the various ribbon cutting ceremonies for projects in their own districts made possible by the very same bill they voted against. Going so far as to inserting their own name on the giant checks as Governor Bobby Jindal did, who once said he would not accept any stimulus funds from this bill. That was before it passed of course. You remember Bobby Jindal, the guy the Republicans brought out to give the Republican opposing view to Obama’s speech and was dropped like a Radioactive isotope soon thereafter.

Remember that not one Republican voted for the Stimulus bill but there is a whole, still growing, list of Republicans from John Boehner to the “You Lie” guy, Joe Wilson, who apparently can’t wait to talk about how great it was to get some of that money for their home districts. And the jobs it will create.

I suspect the voters who oppose the Stimulus Bill don’t know it’s the same bill as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and miss the connection. Maybe when the sign goes up at the 120/Yosemite interchange after the much awaited landscaping gets done, we should hire some of these graffiti guys who just can’t seem to find another occupation, to maybe write in “STIMULUS” somewhere near the official name or maybe just write in OBAMA BUCKS. (I joked on the Bulletin blog that all the local righties will not be able to pass anywhere near the interchange or even go to IN-N-OUT without thinking of OBAMA, and I guaranteed it. They will, you know, and now so will you).

If there is any doubt from our local fringe lot on this hypocrisy claim, it is an easy task to find this growing list, just do a search on “Stimulus checks Republicans”. I found more than 20 before I got tired and turned on the TV to catch the New Orleans Saints victory parade. (My favorite character was a guy dressed like Jesus with a sign that said “Breesus Christ”). Sorry, one needs a sense of humor when dealing with the right wingnuts in this country.

Speaking of wingnuts, I just heard Sara Palin, of crib note fame, wants to act as a sort of bridge between the Conservative Right and the Tea Party nutcases, now that’s a real “bridge to nowhere” if I ever heard one.
Larry Baca
Feb. 12, 2010