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About true Christian God logic
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Since the beginning of time, Satan has tried to destroy God.  He has put his lies onto the lips of people who would sneer and ridicule Him.  Fortunately, God will prevail, because He is the omnipotent Creator who breathed life into every living creature.  The writer of last week’s letter ridiculing Frank Aquila for standing up for Christianity,  might learn this lesson too late. I would hope that this writer will recognize that he, as well as the rest of us, should accept the Christian God as Lord and Savior in humility and repentance.
As to the letter writer’s idea of the Christian God logic, let me enlighten him as to true Christian God logic.  We Christians judge everything we believe, practice and do, in light of the true logic of the Word of God, the Bible.  This miraculous Bible contains sixty six books, written over a span of 1,500 years, on three continents, in three different languages, by forty authors who included shepherds, doctors, fishermen, farmers, and kings.  Its story is continuous and could only be miraculous, considering the continuity and unfolding story which goes from the beginning to the end of time.  It contains all genres of literature from poetry, history, to prophecy.  Logic would tell us that such a book could not be written without Divine authorship.  It is also miraculous in that it has been preserved over the ages, even when the sneering ones wanted to destroy it.
Another piece of Christian God logic:  Jesus the Messiah was described in detail in at least three hundred prophecies written hundreds and even thousands of years before his birth.  It is estimated that for even eight of these prophecies to have been fulfilled by Jesus, the law of probability of His fulfilling eight of them would be one times ten to the 28th — an astronomical number.
As to the logic of choosing our political beliefs, as Christians we would defer to this miraculous Book and examine those beliefs in the context of what this Book would  teach us regarding morality and right and wrong.  This Book has a definite view point, and in terms of its importance to us eternally, we best use it as our guide.  A final point.  This Book shows us a loving God that only wants what is best for mankind.  It is only logical that we use such a Book as our guide.

Joanne M. Miller