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Addressing Aquilas assertions
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It seems our local presumed Trump supporter has been combing the Right Wing Internet to hone up on his judicial expertise. In this case it seems he decided was a good place to find some red meat, unfortunately that is apparently not a good place to find actual facts. (“Hillary is above the law”, July 15 by Frank Aquila)
1. Mr. Aquila starts right out of the gate with an untrue statement claiming everyone who is questioned by the FBI must give their testimony under oath. Not true and I didn’t get that from the internet, you see I first obtained a TS clearance at the age of 19 when I was assigned to AF Titan II ICBM training at Shepard AFB in Texas. When I was discharged I got a job working for the Army in New Mexico based on that same clearance. Shortly after, that clearance was upgraded to TS Crypto. I held that clearance for many years and handled my share of classified documents and material. In that capacity I was interviewed by the FBI as were many friends and relatives. None of us were required to testify under oath.
2. A secret deal was made with Attorney General Loretta Lynch by President Clinton “ assure Lynch would remain in her position if Hillary would be elected President”. There were no reporters on board the AGs plane where the meeting took place. Do you really think that bit of news wouldn’t have been blasted all over the National News? Especially FOX News? Really Frank, really?
3. Mr. Aquila makes a big deal out of Hillary “using multiple devices” to access her Email. She admitted that a long time ago which is not an uncommon thing. Most all Government officials use multiple devices. As a Government TS cleared employee and later as a Government Contractor, I myself used four.
4. Mr. Aquila implies Hillary lied when she said none of her Emails were MARKED classified because the FBI director said they were. What he omits is that the State Department later said that was not true. The FBI director was referring to a small marking like this (c). That is NOT an official classified marking and doesn’t mean squat. A classified document must have a HEADER and a FOOTING on each and every page depicting the classification of that document.
5. Mr. Aquila states the FBI director said “thousands” of work related emails were not returned. The entire EM Server was returned, how else could the FBI conduct its investigation? Really Frank? Really?
I suggest Mr. Aquila consult with actual judicial experts who can help him with Government Classified document procedures and refrain from Right Wing internet sites with an obvious agenda. Otherwise there is an inherent danger of starting to sound like Sarah Palin or worse, Donald Trump. This I can tell you, and Mexico will pay for the wall.

Larry Baca