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Aging he can handle, getting old is the problem
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Awhile back I wrote of two words spoken at the altar becoming alive in marriage. Words are meaningless unless acted upon. The words are love and honor.

About 60-65 years later another two words become alive, especially in retirement homes, and acted upon: respect and kindness – greetings from visitors, family and friends, hugging replete with love. The words become alive, abound with effervescence.

Grandma, if she could; would do a tap dance, grandpa like doing the jig.

Ask grandpa about old age and he would comment, “Aging, I could handle: being old is the problem.”

There are many instances of humor, especially from the young grandchildren. On a recent visit to a local retirement home, Little Timmy Benson, who had started school earlier that day, was asked by his grandma what he learned that first day. He responded, “Nutten, I think I have to go back tomorrow.”
Irving S. Shaw
May 1, 2010