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Appreciate effort to save trapped kitten
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

 We are the CAVA Galz better known as Celinja ,Ailaina, Veronika and Ayrikha. One night last week we were walking around our park with our mother and heard a meowing sound. We followed its sound to a nearby drain and it was of course the helpless “meow” of a stuck kitten. We were so worried and called animal control.

We were told we had to wait for Manteca workers to be able to go through the main drain in the morning to help get the kitten out. So all we could do was wait and pray until help arrived. There were three other families in our neighborhood rooting for the safe rescue of that helpless kitten. We all worked together watching after the kitten’s safety.

One neighbor even made a ladder in hope it might climb out overnight. Another neighbor made sure it was getting food while yet another made a call to Public Works for Help. It was a miracle on the third day our black and white spotted neighborhood kitten was finally rescued. So a very special thank you to all our neighbors, Manteca Fire Department firemen, Manteca City Public Works workers, Animal Control and the Manteca Bulletin for assisting us in sharing our story. We live in The best community -  Manteca. It is a community where hope lives!

Oct. 19, 2011