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Appreciates have treasure like UC Berkeley nearby
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read with pleasure your article about your positive experiences while visiting the UC Berkeley campus that was published in the 209 Living section on Saturday.  Having spent four years studying there followed by an additional year working on campus, I am well aware of the treasure that is located so close to us.  

I would like to point out an error that I noticed in your article.  In the description of the photo in the lower left corner, you identify “Sproul Gate” that marks the south entrance to the campus.  Your picture shows Sproul Hall and Sproul Plaza.  However, this entrance is spanned by Sather Gate.  I am attaching further information about the source of this sculpture which was donated by the same woman who also donated the money to install the famous Campanile, also known as Sather Tower.  You might also be interested in reading about the scandal that arose when Sather Gate was originally installed.   

Betsy Soeth