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Appreciates MPD officer helping rescue family dog
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I would like to submit the following “thank you” to your paper in regards to the rescue of our dog, Bella:

Our family would like to offer thanks to all who helped in the recovery of our dog, Bella, during Tuesday afternoon’s rain storm.  She had wandered off around 3 a.m. after my husband thought she had followed him inside.

She traveled for 12 hours before Manteca Police Officer Hall picked her up more than 5 miles from our home on a busy road.  The staff at Manteca Animal Shelter loved and spoiled her until I arrived to pick her up, and businesses throughout the area were extremely supportive of our efforts to put up flyers, (I think I’ve gotten them all down! I apologize if I have not..!).  Bella’s first 24 hours were a little rough, she’s about 13 years old, but today she’s back to her old smiley self! Thanks again to all, especially officer Hall, for bringing her home!
 Terri Pasquini
April 29, 1010