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Aquila sounds Trumpet of victory
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin, 

Donald J. Trump overcame many obstacles to become the 45th President of the United States. 

 He began his journey battling Washington elitist who forgot they were elected to serve the voice of the people; but instead served themselves and their own serf interests.  Trump had to battle the Republican establishment, who viewed him as an outsider against more savvy candidates and party leaders to become the nominee.  Trump had to battle a corrupt Democratic Party, which Wikileaks revealed Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz coordinated the defeat of Bernie Sanders to assure Hillary Clinton would be their nominee.  

Trump had to battle the headwinds of a sitting Democrat president and then take on the corrupt Clinton machine of Hillary Clinton and Bill, a former president.  Trump had to battle political power and foreign influence of wealth, Wall Street, and foreign leaders who paid and betted on a Clinton presidency and funded her campaign illegally through the Clinton Foundation, a charity organization used as a front for “pay to play” operations to amass more political influence, wealth, power, and organization.  

Trump had to overcome being outspent by gobs of money and out organized by Washington goons to put away this novice candidate, who had never run for any political office.  Trump had to battle against Democrat front groups like Democracy Partners and the Foval Group, financed by the Hillary campaign and the Democrat party, to organize violence and intimidation at Trump events as well as coordinate voter fraud activity to guarantee Hillary as their queen, as discovered through an undercover operation of videos by Project Veritas.  Trump had to battle a biased media, which Wikileaks revealed many reporters were tied to the Clinton campaign.  Some media outlets were entangled in the Clinton web while other media outlets were fearful to oppose it.  Through Wikileaks, it was discovered that debate questions were leaked to Hillary in advance and some media reports were screened by the Hillary campaign prior to publication.  Polling was done with an over sampling of Democrats to persuade public opinion and deflate Trump supporters that Hillary was guaranteed victory and Trump was guaranteed defeat.

It was easy to believe Trump would have a difficult time conquering the Washington elites, Republican establishment, the Democrat machine, a sitting president, Clinton corruption, voter fraud, or a biased media; but the forgotten American rose up to hear his call for action as the Trumpet sounded.  The forgotten American saw Trump as an outsider against a swamp of corruption and collusion.

 “We the people” had been ignored as these political elites headed to the golf course, shared their cigars, and lived their own life of luxury until the next election came, calling for more votes.  The forgotten American saw Trump as someone who sounded his own Trumpet to his own tune to “Drain the Swamp” of corruption in Washington.  Those that thought they would defeat Trump were Trumped by the man himself.  The forgotten American wants their voices heard through Trump, the outsider, and that forgotten American showed up at the polls to voice their own Trumpet of victory to “Drain the Swamp.”

Frank Aquila