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Baca talks of Aquila, lemonade
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Remember the Republican Convention last week when Trump’s wife Melania gave that speech she lifted from Michelle Obama not long after Donald said the Trumps have the “best words”, apparently not knowing we would all soon learn where they got those “great” words?
 Well that is what this latest, fact starved, Anti-Hillary rant reminded me of. (“Aquila feels sorry for Baca feeling the ‘burn’” letter on July 25 by Frank Aquila.)
Now here is the reason: This letter really didn’t sound like most of Aquila’s rants, except for the fact starved part, of course. All through the endless fact-free Hillary hate fest, I kept thinking this really doesn’t have that usual Aquila feel. Then I came to the ending where Aquila actually offered to “pay” for a theater ticket for me to go see a movie about Hillary. He had offered to actually “pay” for a ticket!
This from a person (and I got this from a server at a local eatery) that actually orders water with lemon, which as you know is free, then requests sugar which he adds to his lemon water to make his own lemonade! This is a person who is too cheap to pay for real lemonade but he wants to “pay” for my movie ticket? Does this sound like something a person who makes his own restaurant lemonade so he doesn’t have to pay for the real stuff would do for you?
 I am almost convinced Aquila had ghost-writer help with this. Now this is not a great revelation, we all know Aquila has lifted a lot of his material from various right wing Internet bloggers but this time I think he really gave himself away, don’t you think?
Apparently Aquila has assumed that I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary. Actually I voted for Hillary. I liked Bernie but I wasn’t naive enough to think he had much of a chance with such a progressive agenda. So much of his agenda completely depended on an overwhelming Democratic majority in the Congress. It would have to be a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and an overwhelming majority in the House, a tough fight that may take more than one election.
I understand why Aquila had to connect me with Bernie. Without that connection he couldn’t have been able to mention my name over 20 times in connection with Sen. Sanders, could he?
Aquila kept repeating how I would now be forced to support Hillary because Bernie lost. He couldn’t say that without first wrongly assuming I voted for Bernie, would he? Actually I found that to be rather ironic being that Aquila was an avid Cruz supporter but now HE is forced to support a proven liar, cheat, bigot, homophob and woman hater in Donald Trump. Remember how his backing of “super intelligent” Sarah Palin came back to bite him? Now he has doubled down and is supporting someone who claims he, and “only” he can fix the world. (Trump actually said that in his convention speech).
Aquila has offered to pay for my movie ticket. I will do that one better, I have told that server at the local eatery I mentioned earlier, that the next time Aquila orders his lemon water and asks for sugar, to just bring him a real lemonade and put it on my tab. You are welcome Frank! Meanwhile I will wait for my movie tickets, (Yes Frank, apparently unlike you, I need two tickets, you see I am not in the habit of going to the movies alone).

Larry Baca