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Baca wants to silence conservatives
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Loud mouth Larry Baca is demanding fairness.  This idiot is always in the paper responding to every letter written by a conservative person.  Unlike my letters, most of them never get printed.  What Loud mouth wants is less exposure of the democRATS’ destruction of America.

 He wants to silence conservative voices the way President Obama wants to silence FOX news.  Loud mouth does not want balance, he wants domination.  Now for my letter that I will revise to fit the paper about NAMBLA.  I am so angry about the demoralization of America.  Loud Mouth Baca always defends the democRATS.  I want to know if he is going to defend his RAT friends who support NAMBLA.  I bet every pervert, pedophile, and weirdo is a registered democRAT.  NAMBLA should be destroyed before they destroy one more child or destroy my country that I once defended!  The democRATS used to be a good party of good people when I was younger.  Now it is where all the demons go.

President Obama lied to each voter out there that marriage is for a man and a woman.  Now he has come out to say last week he will dismantle the Defense of Marriage Act to protect marriage for one man and one woman.  Traitor!  We put this idiot as our president and he is not even a citizen of this country.  This is the end of the morality of America!

God Bless America from these RATS!
 James Simoni
Oct. 21, 2009