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Bennett-Cauchon likes to hear himself talk
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I’ll bet 98% of the good people who attend the Manteca Unfired School District board meetings wish that Leo Bennett-Cauchon would put in a sound proof cork in his mouth. I have never seen such a self indulged or narcissistic behavior anywhere. The time Leocauchon wastes listening to himself talk is setting records.

Bennett-Cauchon tries to overwhelm the school board meetings and wear everyone down. Every time I see Bennett-Cauchon I think of the phrase, “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, the baffle them with BS.” Neither works for him.

He reminds me of people who went to red agitator summer camps where they learned to kill the messenger — up is down, right is left ad much more. In Bennett-Cauchon’s case he consistently defends the guilty and tries to make a mockery of right and wrong.

Trustee Ashley Drain has no shame and was booked for felonies of welfare fraud and theft related crimes. When Drain pulled out the race card at the last school board meeting mentioning Selma, KKK, and more just about everyone booed. Bennett-Cauchon also works his own race card with his BS. Bennett-Cauchon consistently defends criminals from Stockton who tried to take over MUSD by way of their mentor who tries to run MUSD for his own agenda. I believe he nauseates 99% of the people at the school board meetings with his ongoing and relentless BS.

I would like to suggest Bennett-Cauchon migrate to “Bezerkerly” where he can agitate with his own kind.

April Johnson