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Bond puts schools on right track
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

As a former student of Manteca Unified School District and father of a current MUSD student, I wanted to write to show my support for the “Yes on G” school bond.

I grew up on the same piece of land that my parents, grandparents, and great grandparents farmed. They worked hard to keep that piece of property, sometimes scraping to pay the taxes during the hard times. Eventually, the city of Manteca and the surrounding small towns grew. I didn’t ask for the growth, but it came. 

With the growth also came the need for more schools that became more modern than others with all the bells and whistles. The older schools began to erode away, or go without the modern amenities unless the individual school-site budgets could fund the improvements. 

Sure, there were development fees out there helping with the new construction and all, but no one looked back at the rest of the district and it wasn’t fair or equitable for those school communities falling into disrepair. 

I’m also a principal at one of those older school-sites. I see first-hand daily what my students and staff go without compared to the newer schools.

It impresses me to see the district’s push for technology at every school across MUSD. It is one of the first times I feel that we as a community, dedicated to educating our future, have really rolled out something for everyone, no matter how old or how new the school. With technology, my school is no longer substandard, but equal to all sites.

In saying this, not knowing where the funding always comes from, one can easily say it’s been a waste of money and we need to use that money elsewhere. 

I need my school’s structure, fields, play areas, and parking improved to a level equal to the rest for an increased safe, sustainable learning environment.

 I told someone the other day that I am split between the new bond and the needs for my school. I will be paying for this bond right alongside my community!

 In seeing the progress our district is making compared to others around us, I do see the need for the bond measure to pass. MUSD is on the right path, on the racetrack to the winners circle for the sake of our kids. I don’t always agree on the speed of progress, nor as a resident, or employee of MUSD, do I want to give up more of my earnings to help pay for our schools, but at one time, costs were covered by existing taxes and volunteers helped to fill in the gaps.

Times have changed in our communities and I feel that if we don’t vote “Yes on G”, we may not be able to keep the momentum up, and schools like the ones I, and my family grew up in (K-12), and the one I am responsible for now as a site administrator, will no longer be able to sustain teaching and learning. 

If we don’t act in support of “Yes on G”, then when schools like mine continue to crumble away, will my students be moved to a newer school, making our community schools that much more crowded? Will that make learning better, safer? Will our grandkids one day be able to look back and ask us, “What was it like when you went to school?” Will we be able to say that as a community, we did everything we can to support education as our families did before us?

Please vote “Yes on G”. MUSD is on the right track!


David L.Silveira