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Buying luxury items & not repairing carpet
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Suppose for a moment I bought my children an Xbox, a big screen TV, and other luxury items while the carpet in my house was held together by duct tape. Now imagine if I went and asked my neighbors to feel sorry for me and to give me money every year to pay for my carpet because my poor children have bad carpet. Of course, this would be ridiculous. Most people would tell me that I was irresponsible to buy such luxury items and I should have spent my money more wisely by repairing my carpet. 

Well this is exactly what is happening with Measure G and the Manteca Unified School District. 

In the Manteca Bulletin, a teacher by the name of Ron Van Noorg wrote a pathetic letter that his classroom carpet is held together by duct tape. What he doesn’t mention is that the school district spent millions on buying each student a computer tablet. The teacher should be upset with the district for wasting money instead of fixing his carpet. Why should the taxpayers be on the hook for this crooked spending? Editor Dennis Wyatt wrote an editorial about this titled, “Manteca schools byte off more than they can afford.” Wyatt wrote, “it would be foolish and reckless for taxpayers to get in the habit of going into debt via bonds to provide the district with funds.” The school district is trying to make the taxpayers pay $159 Million through Measure G. It is a farce and phony measure to trick the taxpayers. 

I noticed a letter from the deputy superintendent, Clark Burke, referencing that “it takes a village to raise a child”; but I thought Wyatt responded well to this by writing, “it takes a village to raise a child. But if that village spends itself into financial oblivion it won’t be able to do much of anything let alone educate a child.” The school district is being run by a village of idiots. They think the taxpayers are a village of idiots that would pass such a Measure through their lies, including hired rah, raw cheerleaders. Don’t be fooled by Measure G. It is deceptive.


Robert Blanch