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Calls first full cabinet meeting embarrassing Trump lovefest
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
It has become almost expected to read or hear about some weird, crazy tweet, DPB or photo op involving the Twitter Tweaker Administration or the Tweaker himself but yesterday was one of the weirdest I believe has ever come out of ANY American Administration. I say “American” Administration because we have seen something like this in third world countries, most notably North Korea.
Yesterday Trump called a full Cabinet meeting and this time the press was invited in for a short portion of the meeting, the embarrassing portion. Some reporters were surprised they were so freely invited to pack the room and encouraged to bring all the recording equipment they could muster. Surprised, that is, until the meeting started.
Trump started by calling on each Cabinet member by name as he went around the room, that’s when the love fest began. Every member completely and ridiculously embarrassed themselves so thoroughly, it was almost difficult to watch without cringing as the next member’s name was called by a grinning Trump. All of them, praising Trump really, really effusively. Verbally bowing before Trump as if he was the Korean Glorious Supreme Dear Leader himself, beaming and nodding in agreement.
It started with VP Pence, who called it the “greatest privilege of my life” to serve in the Trump administration. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said it was an “honor” to serve Trump, and as they went around the table, most of Trump’s Cabinet officials used either the word “honor,” “privilege” or both. Some said it was an honor and/or privilege to work in their respective departments, while others said it was an honor and/or privilege to work directly for the “Glorious Supreme Dear Leader”.
Eventually came Reince Priebus. The guy who has actually been on the verge of losing his job since even before he took it. “On behalf of the entire senior staff around you, Mr. President, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you’ve given us to serve your agenda and the American people,” Priebus said. “And we’re continuing to work very hard every day to accomplish those goals.” If you exchange “Mr. President” with “Dear Lord” it could be a great prayer. If you exchange it with “Glorious Supreme Dear Leader”, well, you can easily visualize that picture projection.
Of course that love fest wasn’t enough for Trump, when he was through letting his staff thoroughly embarrass themselves, he started to embarrass himself. This part wasn’t new to any of us, he does it on a daily basis, bragging about how great he actually is, claiming his Presidency has been the most productive and all around best in American history, for the exception of FDR, who Trump said had a Depression to tend to. You know, like the depression we have all been feeling since Jan 20.
We have all been witness to the newsreels from North Korea of mindless adoring zombies praising their 3rd. Glorious Supreme Dear Leader, Kim Jong-un... Now, once again, we have been witness to mindless adoring zombies praising their Glorious Supreme Dear Leader, only this time the adoring mindless zombies are members of the sitting American President’s Cabinet and their Glorious Supreme Dear Leader is the sitting American President.

Larry Baca