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Cantu: Campaign signs involve no loophole
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Let me first thank Jeff Tilton for his article published on Monday; it was well written.

I just need to clarify one point in the article. As Jeff noted, there is no city provision that prevents my placement of campaign signs in advance of the November election, only that they be removed within seven days after the election. In addition there is/was no loophole involved, let me explain.

Our local election and campaign as currently defined runs from the time the official intent is filed by a candidate to the date of the election itself in November. The fact that a Primary Election is being conducted at the same time for a period has no basis on our local election. The two elections are simply conducted parallel for a period but are disassociated from each other, as are the signs.

My mayoral campaign “For Better Public Service” has followed the rules.

Benjamin Cantu