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Cantu say council redefines political expediency
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Expediency and practicality are generally positive in character, but in this case, the words are redefined by the Council to support how they fundamentally conduct business and render decisions. While fiscal numbers and facts pertaining to structural integrity, anticipated income, construction and maintenance costs, Metro PCS agreement, and spatial availability, all support keeping the water tower the Council decided instead it is expedient and practical to demolish another landmark.

Although the water tower resulted in no calls two years ago, this time each councilperson noted that in all of their years on council the subject generated a large number of phone calls. They, however, were not swayed.

I also question squandering $207,000 on a recall. However, more troubling is the Council purposely throwing away twice the dollars by demolishing the water tower; and the many “projects” and economic ventures that have resulted in little or no fiscal return while the community’s infrastructure and quality of life diminishes. This Council has time after time shown their priorities and focus, and their contempt for the needs of the residents. My experience at the last council meeting only proved this point.

In addition, Mr. Hanson, after expressing his Constitutional right of expression at the meeting, was publicly disrespected by the mayor without demurral from staff or council.

The Council does not get the “whole” picture; faring better through the Great Recession than other communities is meaningless if we return to the same old fiscal management style that has not served the needs of the residents for decades.

This issue and recall is not rooted in a pumpkin, but rather in the Council’s continued disregard for the community’s needs and fiscal mismanagement that has plagued this community for decades. Unless someone presses the issue, our governance is not about to alter the deep-rooted cyclical pattern of mismanagement.

Benjamin Cantu


May 7, 2012