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Cantu says hes not fixated on the water tower but . . .
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I would like to take this opportunity to reply to Mr. Ben Cantu’s letter to the editor on July 19.  In his letter  he states he is not fixated on the water tower, however, when I picked up the Big Bopper the other day lo and behold I saw two advertisements that had been put in the Bopper by Mr. Cantu regarding the water tower. Every time he writes a letter to the editor it is about the water tower and yet he claims not to be fixated on this subject. When is he going to realize that the decision has been to take the tower down and to have a new far more efficient source of water in the near future. If he really is interested in saving the water tower he should concentrate his efforts into raising the money to erect the tower at a new location once it has been taken down.. It is a fact that the water tower no longer serves any useful purpose and when it is taken down it will free up space much needed by the City’s maintenance department. He, also, said in this letter that the water tower is symbolic of the Council’s lack of  insight and fiscal response to the needs of the community. The tower is useless as it now stands, therefore I don’t understand how it could possibly have any fiscal impact upon our community.

We are just coming out of the Great Recession and we need to keep moving forward just as we are  doing with thanks to our Mayor and Council. Mr. Cantu, I don’t understand why you are constantly criticizing our Mayor and Council about the hard decisions they have to make every day on our behalf. Obviously you didn’t read the stories in which decisions that had been made by the Council were proven, by facts, to be leading us in the right direction.. The operative word being facts. In this letter he, also, mentions fiscal responsibility. This is the person who wanted to start a recall of certain council members at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to us the taxpayers. Where is the fiscal responsibility in such an irresponsible act? One last remark, Mr. Cantu if you plan to use my name in future letters, please, spell my name correctly.

Lin LaRock
July 22, 2012