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City lets homeless take over Library Park
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I have a question for Manteca city leaders. 

How is it OK that the homeless have set up residence in Library Park? They completely monopolize all tables and benches.

If you even look like you want to get anywhere near them these people let you know that you are not welcome.

During city events our police force keeps them at bay however during the rest of the time these people are allowed to keep all their belongings, including shopping carts, furniture and anything else they can get their hands on to remain with them at the park.

The public restrooms are used as their own personal shower and toilet. Their animals run loose and it is getting to be so unsafe that few people will allow their children to play in the park.

Why are we not doing anything to get this situation under control? I am not talking about a few people. I am talking about 20 or 30 people at all times setting up camp in our park. Readers out there who feel that I am not compassionate you are wrong. I do feel bad for a few of them.

These people who reside in Library Park used to live in the trailer park on South Lincoln Avenue. They were kicked out do to the fact that they were squatting and lived in the park illegally. Let’s help the ones who want it and get the others out!

We need to reclaim Library Park for ourselves and our children. We deserve this park. We paid for this park.





(Editor’s note: The letter writer provided her name to the Bulletin but fears retaliation as she lives close to Library Park. In this case we made an exception to the rule requiring running the name with the letter.)