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Commends police chief, officers for cutting crime & expenditures
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
I personally commend the police department for its efforts in reducing crime in Manteca.

Chief Dave Bricker and his staff of officers have streamlined the department for maximum  efficiency with less personnel. By doing so, Chief Bricker saved the city a bundle of money.

This man doesn’t care about recognition, for  he does it to save the people of Manteca tax money. He is working with an understaffed department and still manages to reduce the crime rate. It seems as though the fire chief is understaffed as well and he and his firefighters are doing a good job. It is ironic that these two men save the city money to apply to the deficit and the council finds ways of spending it on other things.

Mayor Willie Weatherford and his yes people should take a lesson in budget control from Chief Bricker. The mayor and council has a single mode of operation, you save it and we will spend it. The prime source of disposing of income saved by the city departments, is in hiring consultants and a lobbyist. That happens when you owe for campaign donations.
Fleener Richards
May 8, 2009