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Comments on soliciting & Kaiser services
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

When we see a man or women asking for help on the street, we don’t know if the person is legitimately in need, or just a plain freeloader. It makes me upset to see someone buy a pack of cigarettes with money they solicited for food. 

But in all fairness, I see these people as having the same rights as firefighters in soliciting people for donations. The fact that firefighters don’t approach cars, doesn’t make this practice of soliciting any different than people asking for help in various locations. Most down and out know the limitations of what they can do legally. I don’t see these people approach cars, until they are summoned by the drivers to do so. I also don’t see these people walking the median with their cups out. People must realize that what turns people off from donating to these people is their appearance. If they had money to buy clothes and a place to stay, they wouldn’t be soliciting for donations. 

I personally think setting up booths in the parking lots would achieve the same results for firefighters. It’s unfair to watch firefighters work the streets, while the down and out doesn’t have the same privilege. 

My second subject is the council trying to dictate policy on the Kaiser hospital. The reason some medical services were transferred to Modesto is the lack of patients that continually require those services. You cannot compel Kaiser to keep an entire staff on duty, if the particular service isn’t needed constantly. The reason you get medical at an affordable price is because of effective management to save money where they can. I think it is highly unfair to say Kaiser is creating slow death by these medical transfers. My wife and I chose to go to Modesto Kaiser. My wife had an emergency problem and was taken into the hospital. She had a competent emergency doctor that treated her. He made every test available until he got her problem resolved and he constantly checked her progress. The nurses in the emergency facility really took great care of my wife. I praise the staff of this part of the hospital. My daughter baked pies and brought them in for this staff. 

Before this council condemns the hospital, they should have checked the need required for the services that was discontinued. Where did Kaiser patients go for medical care before the Manteca hospital was a reality? We had to go to Stockton or Sacramento for specialized medical attention. There are two sides to every issue, to take sides with medical patients without finding out why these facilities were closed seems unfair to me. As for medical nurses and staff making an appeal to restore these services to Kaiser patients I feel their motive is mostly job related, for they are running scared, because of fear that this facility will be closed. 

Fleener Richards